Knowledge management, re-imagined.

Outmind offers a new way to access, centralize, and classify your institutional knowledge. Find out how we can meet your needs.

For you and your teams


👉 360° view of the existing (documents, emails, CRM data...)
👉 Quickly identify who has worked on a given project or client
👉 Improve knowledge dissemination and sharing
👉 Accelerate the rise in competence of newcomers
👉 Improve the quality of renderings, limiting errors
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Sales Managers

👉 Increase the number of proposals and tenders sent out
👉 Capitalise on the knowledge of your teams
👉 Tag your reference items (best proposals...)
👉 Unify access to customer information for better tracking
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CIOs & IT Managers

👉 Strengthen the adoption of deployed tools.
👉 Aggregate the data set for the user
👉 Direct users to the best interfaces, effortlessly.
👉 Facilitate your migration projects
👉 Capitalise on all documents (even archived ones).
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Managers & Senior Consultants

👉 Modernize knowledge management
👉 Increase the speed of your tender responses
👉 Make it easy to reuse the best documents
👉 Improve the autonomy of your employees, as soon as they arrive
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Legal Department & Lawyers

👉 Centralize contractual documentation currently scattered across e-mails, servers, collaborative tools, EDM...
👉 Find the contents of scanned contractual archives
👉 Find out more in the clauses
👉 Reduce the risk of errors
👉 Focus on higher value-added tasks
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We now have a consolidation of data from the entire company and this data can be used by all our employees.
Sharpstone Advisory
Sara Slimani
The advantage of Outmind is that as soon as you open the tool, you have direct access to all its sources. All you have to do is search for the information.
Laurent Kaelblen
Pre-Sales Manager