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For you and your teams


👉 360° view of the existing (documents, emails, CRM data...)
👉 Quickly identify who has worked on a given project or client
👉 Improve knowledge dissemination and sharing
👉 Accelerate the rise in competence of newcomers
👉 Improve the quality of renderings, limiting errors
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Sales Managers

👉 Increase the number of proposals and tenders sent out
👉 Capitalise on the knowledge of your teams
👉 Tag your reference items (best proposals...)
👉 Unify access to customer information for better tracking
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CIOs & IT Managers

👉 Strengthen the adoption of deployed tools.
👉 Aggregate the data set for the user
👉 Direct users to the best interfaces, effortlessly.
👉 Facilitate your migration projects
👉 Capitalise on all documents (even archived ones).
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Managers & Senior Consultants

👉 Modernize knowledge management
👉 Increase the speed of your tender responses
👉 Make it easy to reuse the best documents
👉 Improve the autonomy of your employees, as soon as they arrive
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Legal Department & Lawyers

👉 Centralize contractual documentation currently scattered across e-mails, servers, collaborative tools, EDM...
👉 Find the contents of scanned contractual archives
👉 Find out more in the clauses
👉 Reduce the risk of errors
👉 Focus on higher value-added tasks
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