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Bring your team (and your company) to the next level.
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AI-Powered Assistant

Outmind AI provides extracts, answers, syntheses and summaries from all your documents, conversations, etc.

Our assistant doesn't invent anything: sources are always mentioned, and answers are based solely on the internal data to which you have access.

R&D: Outmind Labs

We're working to improve the state of the art on several R&D topics, notably semantic search. Here are the main topics we are studying to improve the solution's performance and ease of use.
Semantic Search
We develop proprietary models to address the issues our clients face. Thanks to semantic search algorithms, it is possible to process the query in a vectorial way, to propose advanced results. These models must be multilingual, and meet important scalability requirements.
Semantic search outmind
Detection of interlocutors
In addition to searching for documents and other textual formats, Outmind takes user contributions into account, to identify the best contributors on a given topic (project, customer...). This helps avoid excessive solicitations, which monopolize the time of people who are unnecessarily contacted.
Avoid useless sollicitations
Question Answering
In addition to providing information extracted from documents and highlighting the best contributors according to the query, we want to make it possible to give a precise answer to a question in natural language. The system must therefore be able to understand both the query and the corresponding response element, within elements of very diverse formats.
Question answering
Automatic labelling
Outmind develops an intelligent rules system, based on artificial intelligence, which automatically labels and categorises items. The aim is to classify large volumes of data without requiring manual action.
Automated data labelling