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Quickly identify key data,
in all your legal documentation.

With Outmind, AI is at the service of legal teams.

When you need to find a specific point in a particular clause of a contract...
It (too) often becomes archaeology.
You've probably been in these situations before. The contents of a scanned contract can't be found, because it's in image format: what was it called again? Or which is the correct version? Don't I have it in my e-mails? Or is it with another colleague? Or perhaps on the server, where it's not possible to search by content?
Wasted time is piling up, and high value-added tasks are waiting.
Highlight the best content and standard contracts to enhance quality
In just two clicks, you can tag important documents (in the right version) in Outmind for instant retrieval and added value. Your teams will be more efficient and productive every day.
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Improve identification of experts and avoid recreating the wheel
Outmind allows you to identify the employees who may have worked on a subject by analyzing their actual contributions from the various tools (who has worked on which customer? who knows the project context?). This will enable employees to know who to contact in a targeted way, putting an end to useless solicitations (often directed at the same people), bottles in the sea, and lengthy response times.
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reduce solicitations to the wrong people
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