Human Resources
Make life easier for your employees: help them to become more independent

With Outmind, your teams will become more competent faster.

Empower your new employees quickly
An employee who does not know where to find key information will quickly get stuck. Give your new employees real autonomy by allowing them to find information in tools whose uses and folder hierarchy they are not yet familiar with.
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Enhance reference content to quickly find important documents
You can tag important documents in Outmind in two clicks to find them instantly, and enhance them within the multiple information available. Your teams will be more efficient and productive every day.
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Improve the identification of expert employees: reduce the effects of internal silos
Outmind makes it possible to identify employees who may have worked on a subject by analyzing their actual contributions from the various tools (analysis of the missions they have carried out in the ERP, the files they have produced, etc.). This will allow employees to know who to contact in a targeted manner: no more useless requests (often directed to the same people), no more bottles in the sea, and no more long response times.
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Key figures
of employees say they find information faster with Outmind
reduce solicitations to the wrong people
of newcomers get the hang of their tools faster