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Deliver more value, throughout the sales cycle

With Outmind, your teams will be much more efficient and autonomous. Without further effort.

Gain more opportunities by immediately finding the best proposals and tender responses
Make it easy for your teams to identify reference documents with tags. You will reduce many mistakes that happen too quickly: like using the wrong presentation, forgetting some slides, or inconsistencies related to a customer history poorly mastered by your last arrival.
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Respond quickly and accurately to your customers' problems
With Outmind, all customer information is centralised. Synchronise all the information from all your tools (Office Suite, Google Suite, ERP, CRM, etc.). And respond quickly to your customers thanks to all their information centralised in one place and easy to access.
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Avoid recreating the existing, focus on the essential
With Outmind's advanced search, you can instantly find all deliverables created on a topic. This will save your teams from recreating existing documentation and allow them to focus on what really matters: building stronger and stronger relationships with your customers.
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Key figures
of sales teams find customer data faster with Outmind
of managers surveyed report better productivity from their salespeople
average response time for support teams