Top 10 Best Knowledge Base Software

April 5, 2022

Here is a selection of the 10 best Knowledge Base software (also called knowledge management software).

But first of all, what is the definition of knowledge management software? It is an electronic document management (EDM) software, allowing to improve the research of data, the control on the created documents, their circulation and their diffusion within a company. This type of software is part of the problems addressed by knowledge management, which is an increasingly important issue for companies.

With this list you can find the best knowledge base for your needs. A good knowledge management software is essential for the performance of the teams. The software on this list of good knowledge bases is particularly appreciated by CIOs.

Managers need to take into account the rapid advance of technology in order to optimise their data management. A solution of this type is therefore increasingly necessary in knowledge management strategies.

This ranking of the best knowledge management software is obviously not exhaustive. To help you in your research, you should know that knowledge bases are also called DMS (Document Management System) or EDM (Electronic Document Management).

Ranking of the 10 best knowledge base software :

- Outmind

Enterprise search engine

Outmind is a knowledge base that requires very little effort to set up. Unlike other tools on the market, Outmind syncs with your existing tools (Sharepoint, Dropbox, emails, servers, Teams, etc), and allows you to manage your data, on top of your current organisation. 

The search engine is made very powerful thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to find information quickly, even without being at ease with the company's tools.

All of this allows for a quick and light implementation of Outmind for the teams, and a very fast improvement of data access.

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- Zeendoc

Knowledge Base Zeendoc

Zeendoc is a cloud-based knowledge management software. It allows SMEs to address issues of invoice management, document scanning and archiving.

Zeendoc optimises the knowledge management of the company by improving the sharing of documents and quickly responds to the problems of archiving and filing documents in the company.

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- Nuxeo Platform

Nuxeo Knowledge Management Software

Nuxeo Platform is a knowledge base that provides intelligent document management, enhancing the customer experience and optimizing decision making.

Nuxeo enables companies to leverage their data to create new business opportunities.

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- DocuWare

DocuWare Knowledge Base

DocuWare is an electronic document management system (EDMS) that allows you to store, share and secure documents in the office, on the road or at home.

DocuWare supports companies in their digital transition with DMS tools to increase productivity and efficiency.

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- Zoho Docs

Zoho knowledge management software

Zoho Docs is a knowledge base for online file management for teams and individual users.

A secure, collaborative workspace allows you to create and collaborate effectively.

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- Documind

Knowledge Base Documind

Documind is an adaptable EDM (document management software). You can enter and share your documents in a secure space.

Documind offers companies a solution that meets their needs and that can evolve as they grow.

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- Jalios Document System

Jalios knowledge management software

Jalios Document System is an EDM (document management software) that allows you to distribute information and involve employees.

With this single point of access to information, you facilitate interaction and collaboration between employees. 

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- IBM Datacap

Knowledge Base IBM Datacap

IBM Datacap is electronic document management software that simplifies the capture, recognition and classification of documents.

Thanks to automatic text analysis and machine learning processing, Datacap identifies, classifies and exploits the content of documents without human intervention. 

It thus provides rich data to improve efficiency. 

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iGuana knowledge management software

iGuana is a DMS (Document Management System) that offers a wide range of advanced functionalities, from capture to storage.

You can scan your paper documents, capture your electronic documents and file them, while integrating with your existing tools.

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Knowledge Base Intalio

Intalio is a knowledge base for digital transformation in the field of process management, automation and data governance. 

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