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Bring the power of AI to your teams with Outmind.

Unified and instant search, really easy to use
Outmind's keyboard shortcut allows you to find your documents in less than 4 seconds. You have access to all Outmind search, on top of any task you perform on your computer. 
"Searching with Outmind takes a significant mental burden off my shoulders.
It allows me to better focus on the real value-added tasks."
MarylineBertheau Sobczyk, CEO at Valians
Respond quickly and accurately to your customers' problems
Scattered customer data (emails, contracts, presentations, CRM data, etc.) do not allow you to provide sufficiently efficient follow-up and service.
Connect all your company's internal tools so you don't waste time going through them one by one Outmind connects to the main SAAS tools on the market as well as to shared files.
"Being able to find everything in one place is great! Our teams really like the Outmind tool: we had been looking for a solution like this for a long time, without finding it."
Marc Coen, Partner at TIMSPIRIT
adding a source to Outmind
Your employees' skills are unique, identify them to increase their satisfaction and productivity
Find the collaborators who were able to work on specific subjects by analyzing their real contributions from the different tools (analyze the missions they carried out in the ERP, the files they produced...).
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Leverage knowledge to deliver higher quality content in less time
Tag reference documents in Outmind to find them in 2 clicks. This will allow your teams to avoid making mistakes by starting from a bad version, and to favour the best models.
Key figures
2 hours
average time saved each week with Outmind
customer responses are faster and more accurate
of our users say they save time on their information searches