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How can Outmind make a technical design office more competitive?

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The collaboration between SETEC Bâtiment and Outmind had a clear objective: to help an engineering company with almost 250 employees to deliver projects more effectively, both in terms of deadlines and quality, by drastically facilitating access to useful information.

Faced with a substantial mass of documentation linked to the management of large-scale projects, most companies in the sector are experiencing a significant impact on their productivity. In this context, Outmind simplifies access to knowledge, enabling employees to concentrate on their areas of expertise.
Technical design office
230 people
Microsoft 365, File servers
+30 TB on 1,600 cases

SETEC Bâtiment's challenges

SETEC Bâtiment is a specialized entity within the SETEC Group. It employs around 250 people in France, specializing in engineering consulting (mainly engineers, project managers and project directors).

Before Outmind, SETEC faced a number of problems:
  • There was little or no capitalization on projects & calls for tender.
  • The loss of evidence and traces of exchanges with the customer led to delicate situations: delays, 6-figure penalties...
  • Files stored on the server could not be found without knowing their precise location.
  • When employees couldn't find their information, they could use partial information (with a high risk of error), over-solicit their colleagues, or even the customer, or unnecessarily recreate existing documents.

Solutions from Outmind

Outmind revolutionizes access to information at SETEC, offering an effective solution for managing corporate knowledge. Thanks to the solution, every employee can instantly access relevant information on past and current projects. This ability toquickly access a vast database considerably improves efficiency and collaboration within the company.

Outmind also plays a crucial role in theintegration of new arrivals. It enables them to access the information they need without overburdening project managers or directors, and avoids redundant document creation. This time and effort saving contributes to better resource management and increased productivity.

Outmind also provides human support to ensure optimal adoption of the solution. With this personalized follow-up, SETEC can rely on an accessible team to ensure that users take full advantage of the functionalities.

Quantified benefits (estimates provided by SETEC)


Saved per year and per user

1 M €

Estimated annual savings ON 230 people

+70 %

monthly active users

Read the interview with Thierry Douceron,
DSI at Setec Bâtiment :

One month's work per year saved

"We estimate that Outmind saves each of our project managers and engineers a month's work a year, thanks to the solution's performance and successful adoption."

Thierry Douceron

Chief Information Officer

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