Meet the team
We have a mission: to give back to companies and their employees the control of their knowledge.
To achieve this, our team uses its best technical and human skills on a daily basis.

We are driven by essential values such as simplicity, transparency, ambition and responsibility .
Outmind team

Why Outmind?

We have seen dozens of companies struggling to get their internal software used correctly.

Too many employees, drowning in a mass of heterogeneous information, scattered in the different tools.

Too many newcomers, looking for the document on which a colleague has probably worked on, but which is unfortunately not shared with them. And which they will have to recreate.

We looked at what exists on the market: data storage tools, collaborative platforms, GED (document management tools), and other knowledge management tools.

But none of them could meet the triple need we found:
- ease of use allowing universal accessibility,
- the possibility of interfacing existing data sources, so as to always be up to date with what already exists
, rather than recreating knowledge in a dedicated tool (which ends up becoming a silo of additional information, used by only a small portion of the teams...),
- and which can provide an answer to the missharing of documents
, without at any time harming their confidentiality.

This solution is Outmind.

Imagine having access to all your documents in one place. The second you need it. Without having to go through several different applications in a row (your Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Onedrive... and/or Google Drive, Dropbox or Box tools; your Outlook or Gmail emails; your Jira or Confluence spaces, your Salesforce CRM, Hubspot or Microsoft Dynamics; your project management tool .... the list can be long). With Outmind, you know where to find everything, and who to contact if needed. No more wasted time. No more unnecessary solicitations. You can focus on what matters.

We are building the next generation of Enterprise Search. We're just at the beginning of the adventure, and we're working hard to bring you the solution of your dreams.

To try Outmind for free, book a short slot. Right here..

Meet our team
Grace Mehrabe Co-Founder and CEO
Grace Mehrabe
Co-founder & CEO
Paris-Sud & ESCP Europe
Arthur Caillaud Co-founder and CTO
Co-founder & CTO
Arthur Caillaud
Luis Arias head of AI
Luis Arias
Head of AI
ESME-Sudria & ESCP Europe
Chloé Einhorn Operations Manager
Chloe Einhorn
Operations Manager
ECE & IAE Paris
Vincent Dandenault Data engineer
Vincent Dandenault
Data Engineer
Polytechnique Montréal
Charles Tison DevOps at Outmind
Charles Tison
Florent Jakubowski Software and Data Engineer at Outmind
Florent Jakubowski
Software & Data Engineer
Polytech Paris Saclay & Université Lumière Lyon 2
Reda Haj Khlifa Partner
Reda Haj Khlifa
Kedge Business School
Victor Poiraud Software Engineer at Outmind
Victor Poiraud
Software Engineer
42 & Sorbonne Paris & University of Rennes
Olivier Godard product manager at Outmind
Olivier Godard
Product Manager
The Wagon
Achraf Chaibi Fullstack Developer at Outmind
Achraf Chaibi
Fullstack Developer
Faculty of Sciences of Tunis
Marie Jeanne Sidoli Marketing and Growth at Outmind
Marie Jeanne Sidoli
Marketing & Growth
IUT Sceaux & Inseec Paris
Quentin Feuillade NLP at Outmind
Quentin Feuillade
NLP Engineer

They accompany us
Jérôme Lefebvre
Jérôme Lefebvre
CEO, Stratumn,
Partner, Axeleo
David Thoumas
CTO, Opendatasoft,
ex Director EMEA, Exalead

Henry Wigan
Co-Founder, MSM
Philippe Kalousdian
Philippe Kalousdian
CEO, Islean
Philippe Poux
Philippe Poux
CEO, Startdoon,
ex CEO, Contextor
Michel Faure
Michel Faure
President, X-CREATION
, Partner, IMPACT Partners

They support us
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Join us!

You want to join the Outmind adventure and you recognize yourself in one of these offers? Rather than a long cover letter, simply describe in a few lines what you are looking for and what you would like to bring. You can also write to us via for a spontaneous application.
Javascript Software Engineer (permanent contract)
Fullstack lead developer, experienced with NodeJS, ReactJs, Typescript or similar with a will to learn these languages. Within the development team, you will be directly working with our CTO. Partial remote allowed.
Apply now
Business Developer
(permanent contract)
In direct contact with the decision-makers on the client side, you will help to sell the business applications that produce the most value for users, from the very first contact to closing. This role may evolve to a management position.
Apply now
Software & Data Engineer (Intern)
Final year 6 months internship, which can be converted into a CDI. In direct contact with the founding team (CTO & Head of AI), you will help to build and improve NLP algorithms, and improve the results' relevance.
Apply now

Latest news
Fundraising by Outmind

Outmind announces a €500K financing round with Mustard Seed Maze, Sharpstone Capital, BPIFrance and Business Angels. These funds will be used to strengthen Outmind's technology, to pursue our commercial development in France and Europe, and to reinforce our team by doubling the number of our collaborators.
Our press release in French and in English.

Future40 logo

We are very pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of the 40 most promising STATION F startups (out of more than 1000)!
Different criteria are taken into account for this Future40 selection: growth, technological innovation, team, market size and evolution potential.

Wilco Digital logo

Outmind has been selected by the WILCO Digital Accelerator (formerly Scientipôle) as part of their latest S1 2020 promotion, alongside 11 other promising startups. Founded in 2001, WILCO's goal is to help startups reach their 1st Million Euro annual turnover in less than 3 years.

ETI Club

In partnership with Club ETI, the Ile-de-France Region and Creative Valley, Outmind is one of the ten companies selected to collaborate with the 6 ETIs of the program (Fichet, Surys, Institut de Soudure, Manutan, Heppner, GCC) to support them in their digital transformation. See the article

Outmind receives 1st prize at the Tech is Law hackathon

Outmind wins the 1st prize of the Tech is Law hackathon, organized by 42, the Ecole de Condé and the University Paris-Saclay, and benefits among other prizes from accommodation at Station F, within the ADN-IFM space.

Polytechnique Accelerator logo

Outmind has been selected by the Accelerator of the École Polytechnique for their 2019 promotion, which we joined with 5 other DeepTech startups. The X accompanies us on many technical, business and financial subjects.