What is an Enterprise Search? (definition)

August 29, 2022

An enterprise search can be referred to as an enterprise search engine or enterprise search software. It is used to allow employees to find documents stored in the various sources of the company (clouds, servers, emails, CRM, local files, etc).

A search engine for business comes mainly to relieve two problems:

=> The search performance of the tools we use is not sufficient to find the right information without spending hours on it.

=> The need to search all the tools at our disposal at once, without having to search independently in each cloud, mailbox or Sharepoint site.

This type of knowledge management tool has seen its use explode with the multiplication of tools used in companies and the arrival of collaborative work on digital documents.

Indeed, with the dematerialisation of its workspace, the time needed to find the right information has exploded, causing some to lose up to half a day per week in total.

Outmind: An easy to configure Enterprise Search 🚀

Enterprise search Outmind

Outmind is an enterprise search that you can connect to all your tools and applications in the company: servers, clouds, SharePoint, CRM, etc...

Its artificial intelligence allows you to quickly and easily find the right information wherever it is stored.

Outmind takes only a few minutes to set up, you just have to synchronise the tools of your choice.

Outmind is developed in France 🇫🇷, and is accessible from your browser or from its application.

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