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BFM Business
Outmind: the internal search engine for companies

The search engine connected to the internal tools of companies completes a new round

The French Tech Journal
Outmind is a plug-and-play internal engine that helps companies find data across their workplace productivity tools.

press article by Speedinvest
Outmind in the future of work in documentation and knowledge

Press article by Alliancy
A search engine that saves up to 40% of time on information searches

logo le monde informatique
Le Monde Informatique
Customer success at Outmind: a customer experience with care

Press article by OpenOcean
Outmind solves a search problem for SMEs and individual users
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Les Echos Entrepreneurs
Outmind in the future 40 of Station F, which aims to showcase the most promising startups on its campus

logo Sifted
Who has the most potential to become Europe's next unicorn?

Station F has just picked out 40 names including startups like Outmind
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Mustard Seed Maze
We are proud to make this early bet in the Paris-based startup along with Sharpstone Capital, BPIFrance, and Business Angels.
Press article by EU Startups
Paris-based Outmind raises €500K to make workplace information more accessible with its smart search engine
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Outmind, the internal search engine of companies, is part of the selection of "100 start-ups to invest in 2021" of Challenges.

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