Top 10 best EDM (electronic document management) software

April 10, 2024

Here is a selection of the 10 best EDMs (also known as electronic document management software). In this comparison, we will help you find the right EDM for your needs. 

A good EDM allows by definition to control the production, circulation and distribution of documents in the company. This will allow you to enhance and improve access to documents. In the era of data, it is a point that becomes the focus of attention in knowledge management strategies, both for companies with an IT department and smaller companies with a large volume of files to manage.

This ranking of the best electronic document management software is obviously not exhaustive. To help you find other EDMs, you should know that they can also be called DMS (Document Management System) or EDM (Electronic Document Management).

List of the 10 best EDM (electronic document management) software

- Outmind

Enterprise search engine

Outmind is a knowledge base that requires very little effort to set up. Unlike other solutions on the market, Outmind connects to your existing tools (Sharepoint, Dropbox, email, servers, Teams, etc.), and allows you to manage your data in addition to your existing organisation. 

The search engine is very powerful thanks to the use of artificial intelligence which allows you to quickly search for information, even without a good command of the company's tools.

All this allows for a quick and easy implementation of Outmind for users, and a very fast optimisation of data access.

Microsoft SharePoint by Alma

Microsoft SharePoint is a platform dedicated to electronic document management.

It's a comprehensive tool for managing your company's documentation and data, facilitating teamwork and enabling clear organization, sharing links, easy-to-use filters and a killer search function.

It's the ideal way to easily find the latest version of your work documents! No more emailing files to be modified!

Share the document link and edit it with several people at the same time if necessary. You'll save a lot of time.

Not to mention the fact that you'll be able to access your documents online, whether you're at a remote site, working from home or on the move on your mobile or tablet).

For many years, Alma has been the benchmark partner for Microsoft SharePoint integration in France.

When you call on Alma, you benefit from an experienced team whose core business is EDM!

Discover our training courses to help you master SharePoint, and our integration services to make SharePoint the DMS of your dreams.

Alma is a Qualiopi-certified training center, which means your OPCO will cover the cost.

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- Deltic

Deltic is electronic document management (EDM) software that simplifies administrative and financial operations for businesses.

It manages, stores, archives and automates documents such as invoices and contracts.

Deltic integrates advanced functionalities such as filing and searching, and connects to various business tools.

Designed to be intuitive and secure, it can be adapted to a variety of sectors, and will comply with future e-invoicing regulations.

Deltic's aim is to optimize productivity, collaboration and efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks.

With 10 years' expertise in EDM, Deltic offers its customers personalized service and ongoing support.

- Zeendoc

Zeendoc is a cloud-based document management software that helps SMEs with invoice management, document scanning and archiving issues.

Zeendoc enhances the value of information and quickly responds to the problems of archiving and filing documents in the company.

- Nuxeo Platform

Nuxeo Platform is a DMS that provides intelligent content management, enriching the customer experience and improving decision making.

Nuxeo is changing the way companies use their digital data and content to create value and new business opportunities.

- DocuWare

DocuWare is a DMS (Document Management System) that allows you to store, share and secure your documents, whether you're in the office, on the road or working from home.

DocuWare supports companies in their digital transition with DMS tools, with the goal of increasing productivity and efficiency.

- Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is an EDM (Electronic Document Management) that allows you to manage your files online, for teams and individual users.

A secure and collaborative workspace allows you to create and collaborate efficiently.

- Documind

Documind is a modular EDM (document management software) that you can upgrade. You will be able to capture and share your content in a secure environment.

Documind offers companies a solution that is adapted to their needs and that can evolve with their development. 

- Jalios Document System

Jalios Document System is an EDM that allows information to circulate and involves team members.

Through this single point of access to information, you simplify exchanges and collaboration between employees. 

- IBM Datacap

IBM Datacap is a document management software (DMS) that simplifies the capture, recognition and classification of documents.

With automatic text analysis and machine learning processing, Datacap identifies, classifies and extracts content from documents without human intervention. 

This provides rich information to improve efficiency. 


iGuana is an electronic document management and archiving system (DMS) that offers a wide range of advanced features, from capture to storage.

You can scan your paper documents, capture your electronic documents and archive them, all while adapting to your existing tools.


Intalio is a DMS that facilitates digital transformation in the area of process management and automation as well as data governance. 


ProGEDoc is an actor in the dematerialization, digitization of documents, electronic document management (EDM), which allows VSEs, associations and SMEs to optimize their digital transformation.