Top 5 enterprise search (2024)

January 2, 2024

Here is a selection of the 5 best enterprise search (also called enterprise search engine). In this comparison, we will give you examples of good enterprise search software, to find documents and files efficiently.

A good enterprise search engine will make your document search more efficient. Indeed, this type of knowledge management tool will search in the different sources of documents in the company, and offers you a powerful search experience. In the era of digitalization, this is a point that becomes crucial because the sources of documents multiply in the company. 

This ranking of the best enterprise search applications is obviously not exhaustive, it only aims to help you identify the main good enterprise search applications on the market.

Definition: what is an enterprise search?

An enterprise search can be referred to as an enterprise search engine or enterprise search software. It is used to allow employees to find documents stored in the various sources of the company (clouds, servers, emails, CRM, local files, etc).

This type of knowledge management tool has seen its use explode with the multiplication of tools used in companies and the arrival of collaborative work on digital documents.

Top 5 best enterprise search


Enterprise search Outmind

Outmind is a powerful enterprise search that connects to tools and applications (servers, clouds, SharePoint, CRM, etc.), and makes it easy to find information using artificial intelligence.

Outmind takes only a few minutes to set up (plug and play). You just need to synchronise the tools of your choice, and Outmind is accessible from your browser or from its application. Developed in France, Outmind guarantees complete confidentiality of your data.

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Enterprise search Lucidworks

Lucidworks follows the user along the journey to meet intent. Lucidworks makes it easy to capture user signals and create personalized search, navigation and discovery experiences.


Enterprise search Unleash

This software ends the chaos by bringing all applications, services and data streams together in one secure space. Find and access what you need, from the cloud to the computer, at lightning speed.


Enterprise search Curiosity

Curiosity is an application that allows you to find all your files and applications. You have all your information at your fingertips and can concentrate on your work.


Enterprise search Coveo

With the CoveoTM Relevance Platform, relevant search is just the beginning. Leverage self-optimizing AI that learns from every click and query, at every touchpoint. With Coveo, deliver a digital experience that adapts in real time, notice search relevance from day one, and evolve to 360° relevance.