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How does Sharpstone capitalize on the data created by its teams?

Sharpstone Advisory is a financial and operational consulting firm that supports companies at every stage of their development.

For over 10 years, Sharpstone Advisory has been working alongside entrepreneurs, helping them to develop new projects, improve their income and create jobs.
Sharpstone Advisory
Consulting firm
20 people
Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, Notion
~ 1 TB

Sharpstone issues

Sharpstone Advisory's staff had many problems finding information:
  • An increase in the creation of digital data by all employees, with growth estimated at over 30% per year.
  • The content created is very often duplicated, because it's sometimes quicker to recreate than to search.
  • Difficulty in identifying which documents are worth reusing due to the sheer number of data items from different companies.
  • Need access to documents whose location, ownership and even existence are unknown.
  • Content created and stored in several different tools between all collaborators (mailboxes, Drive, Slack, Notion)
  • Information silos within the organization.

Solutions from Outmind

At Sharpstone Advisory, synergy and efficiency are key. Outmind provides innovative solutions by centralizing essential work tools - email, Drive, Slack, Notion - on a single collaborative platform.

This unification not only enables simplified access and optimized management of your resources, but also saves considerable time in your day-to-day operations.

Outmind highlights frequently used documents, facilitating immediate access and ensuring work continuity. What's more, marking high-value documents becomes intuitive, enabling efficient classification and rapid retrieval of critical data.

Our search engine is the solution for better data organization, improved sharing and, ultimately, enhanced performance for the entire Sharpstone Advisory team.

Benefits for Sharpstone

Saves time searching for documents
Sales growth
Productivity gains through improved collaboration

Data that can finally be used

Sharpstone Advisory
We now have a consolidation of data from the entire company and this data can be used by all our employees.

Sara Slimani


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