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How has Didomi improved the responsiveness of its sales teams?

Didomi is a global company that provides consent and preference management solutions for businesses.

These solutions enable organizations to manage customer data in a compliant way while improving user engagement and trust.

Didomi contacted Outmind in 2020, to help its PreSales & Support teams better support its customers.
Solution provider
100 people
Google Suite, Slack
~ 1 TB

Didomi issues

Pre-sales people, also known as PreSales, must be experts in the technical aspects of the product or service they offer. They accompany the sales teams to customers to provide technical answers adapted to needs.

These two positions have complementary roles, and their collaboration is essential to present better offers in order to have better end results.

To highlight their expertise on the subject, they need to be able to access information easily to respond quickly and accurately to their prospect or collaborator.

Juggling between several tools, such as the entire Google suite (Drive, Gmail, Meet ...) or Slack to find information, can waste up to 2 hours a week of working time.

This dispersal of data negatively impacts the performance and efficiency of teams, but above all, impacts their responsiveness to customers waiting for answers.

Solutions from Outmind

At Outmind, we've developed intuitive solutions to turn searching for information into a smooth, efficient experience.

We've designed an ergonomic user interface, guaranteeing quick pick-up and effortless use.

Our enterprise search engine stands out for its performance and the integration of metadata (tags), enabling users to filter and retrieve documents by specific theme with great ease, highlighting content with high added value.

Finally, the heart of our technology lies in a search engine powered by artificial intelligence, optimizing the relevance of results and constantly refining search processes.

Concrete benefits for Didomi

Up to 2 hours saved per week and per employee
up to 20% reduction in response time to calls for tender
focus on high value-added TECHNICAL expertise

Direct access to information

"The advantage of Outmind is that as soon as you open the tool, you have direct access to all its sources. You just have to do your research to find the information."

Laurent Kaelblen

Pre-sales manager

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