How to search efficiently in a file server?

September 5, 2022

Searching for files in the company's file server can be problematic. Indeed, in a company, the volume of data can be colossal, and despite a good organization of the documents, it can be impossible to find the right document.

The search engines available to us as in Windows server, NAS, Linux servers or even your computer, do not allow a very powerful search. It is limited to the search in the title of the file or folder. This means that if the word you are looking for is in the content of the document or if it is in the content of the scanned document which is not textual but an image, it is impossible to identify it. 

To remedy this, there are search engines that allow for a much more powerful search, with advanced features.

Outmind, a powerful search engine for file servers

Outmind allows you to quickly find any document in all your tools, including your file servers, and in your computer.

The search is not limited to the name of files and folders, it goes far beyond that.

The content of the documents is taken into account, and there is also an OCR treatment that allows you to find your scanned files that are not in text format.

Thanks to its powerful artificial intelligence and its numerous search features, you will be able to find the right document easily.

The bonus: You can also easily classify and organize your documents on top of all your applications. A good way to see more clearly in this mountain of information.

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How to find files on a server? 

By using Outmind to search your file servers, you will have access to a set of advanced features to quickly find your files:

=> Search in the entirety of your documents as in the title, the content, the creator, etc.

=> OCR which will allow you to find keywords even in scanned documents that are not textual.

=> Filters to reduce the number of results (by format, date, type, etc...)

=> Search operators to exclude words from the search (e.g.: employment contract NOT cdd)

=> Document preview to view documents on the fly and find the right one before opening it.

=> The identification of the pages containing the words of your research to visualize instantaneously the passage which interests you in the file.

In concrete terms, you benefit from a great search power on your servers, but also in all your tools (e.g. Sharepoint, emails, CRM, etc.).

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How do I search by file type?

On Outmind, you can refine your search with the filters at your disposal. You can decide to display only PDFs, presentations, or folders for example (see picture below).

How do I search by file type?

How to find a word in several files?

Your search on Outmind will identify all files matching your search. Importantly, the search will not be limited to the title of the document but also to the content, including non-textual scanned files. In fact, Outmind OCRs your files so you can find them easily.

You will of course have the possibility to refine your search with the filters of format, date, etc.

One last point that can help you go even further: you can identify all the pages with the word you are looking for by going to the Pages tab.

Like here where the search returns all pages with the word Outmind :

How to find a word in several files?