What is an enterprise search engine (definition)

August 29, 2022

An enterprise search engine can be called in many different ways, such as enterprise search or enterprise search software.

This type of search engine allows employees to quickly and easily find documents stored in various corporate tools such as clouds, remote file servers, emails, etc.

Enterprise search engines alleviate the data access problems caused largely by :

=> The search performance in the tools used on a daily basis is very poor to find documents.

=> The need to search directly in all its tools without having to search independently in each cloud, mailbox or Sharepoint site.

The increase in the number of tools used by employees coupled with the digitization of files has led to the need for this type of search engine, a bit like the web where we would not advise browsing without a search engine.

For the less fortunate employees, a bad management of the company's data can lead to losing up to half a day per week.

Outmind: A search engine for business that is easy to set up 🚀

Outmind is a multi-source search engine, on which you can connect all your tools (servers, clouds, SharePoint, CRM, etc.).

Its artificial intelligence makes it possible to quickly and easily find the right information wherever it is stored.

Outmind takes only a few minutes to set up, you just have to synchronise the tools of your choice.

Outmind is developed in France 🇫🇷, and is accessible from your browser or from its application.

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