Top 5 supplementary pensions for the self-employed (2024)

January 2, 2024

Here is a list of the best supplementary pensions for the self-employed, to help you choose the best solution to support retirees in this sector. The supplementary pensions for the self-employed in this selection are also valid for auto-entrepreneurs, liberal professions, craftsmen, freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs. 

Indeed, for some professions, supplementary pension is a matter that needs to be handled with great care. A good supplementary pension will enable you to maintain a decent level of salary after your career is over.

Which supplementary pension to choose for the self-employed? 

In this ranking of the best supplementary pensions, I suggest you discover different supplementary pensions that you can compare in order to choose the best one according to your needs. Indeed, certain points may be taken into consideration depending on whether you are a self-employed person, a craftsman, a liberal profession, a freelancer or a micro-entrepreneur. 


Caravel a good supplementary pension for the self-employed

Caravel is a player that responds to new lifestyles and prepares the world of tomorrow. They make retirement simple to understand by finding out how much you are contributing today and how much you expect to contribute in the future, and then how Caravel will affect that amount, simply and without jargon.

The account is opened in less than 8 minutes and you can suspend or change your monthly payments at any time, free of charge.

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AG2R la mondiale

AG2R a good supplementary pension for the self-employed

AG2R la Mondiale offers solutions to supplement your retirement income with group (mandatory retirement savings plan) and individual (life insurance, individual retirement savings plan) retirement savings solutions.

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Generali a good supplementary pension for the self-employed

With the PER Generali Patrimoine, Generali Vie offers a solution that allows you to build up savings under the best possible conditions, in order to receive an annuity on retirement. The savings are invested on the financial markets according to several possible management methods: free management, autonomous management, controlled management, etc.

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Maif a good complementary pension for the self-employed

This is the guarantee that your savings are invested in an economy that is favourable to employment and the environment. Retirement savings adapted to your project Each situation and each project is unique: our advisors will help you define your management formula and your savings profile.

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AXA a good supplementary pension for the self-employed

Axa offers savings that remain available before retirement if you buy your main residence or in the event of a hard blow. You also have the possibility of transferring the assets on your PERP, Madelin or PERCO to the PER.

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