What is Digital Workplace software? (definition)

April 14, 2022

With the digitalisation of work, teleworking and the explosion in the number of tools used by employees, the Digital Workplace has become a necessity. But what exactly is a Digital Workplace? 

Definition: What is Digital Workplace software?

Digital Workplace software (also known as Digital Workspace or DWS) is the digital equivalent of your physical office. With the massive influx of teleworking, its importance has become paramount.

In these spaces, information is disseminated to the right people and is easily accessible to everyone.

Indeed, employees are using more and more different tools (emails, messaging, clouds, knowledge bases, etc.), and the need to centralise this mass of information, to make it easily exploitable, is becoming a necessity.

How to easily find information in your Digital Workspace tool?

Search in a digital workplace

It may be that the search experience in your digital workplace is not optimal or that not all the tools are there, such as CRP, ERP or a file server. 

In this case, you will need an enterprise search on top of all your tools, which will provide a powerful search experience.

Outmind is an enterprise search that connects to your tools and software (digital workspace, servers, clouds, SharePoint, CRM, etc.). 

This allows you to easily find information wherever it is stored.

Outmind takes only a few minutes to set up (plug and play). You just need to synchronise the tools of your choice, and Outmind is accessible from your browser or from its application. Developed in France, Outmind guarantees complete confidentiality of your data.

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