5 Mindbreeze alternatives (comparison of similar competitors)

April 12, 2022

Here is a comparative list of the different competitors to Mindbreeze, to help you choose the best alternative to this knowledge management application. This comparative ranking of tools similar to Mindbreeze will help you identify which alternative is best suited to your search needs.

Mindbreeze collects and consolidates your company information from your tools. This type of application has become important with the increase of digital documents in the business world.

Here is an overview of the alternatives to Mindbreeze, with details of the advantages and disadvantages of the competitors.

Comparison of alternatives to Mindbreeze (search engine for business)

Mindbreeze's competitors


Mindbreeze competitor

Outmind is a powerful enterprise search engine that connects to your tools and applications (servers, clouds, SharePoint, CRM, etc.), and allows you to find information efficiently, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Setting up Outmind only takes a few minutes, as the solution is designed to be plug and play. You just need to synchronise the tools of your choice, and Outmind is accessible from your browser or from its application.

The tool is developed entirely in France, and guarantees perfect security and confidentiality of your company data.

The pluses and minuses :

+ Easy to set up

+ Ergonomic interface

+ Search also in the content of the documents

+ French tool guaranteeing the sovereignty of your data

+ Effectiveness of artificial intelligence

Price: 2 € per user / month + data volume billing

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Copernicus an alternative to Mindbreeze

Copernic is a research tool dedicated to PCs. It can be used by individuals or companies.

The pluses and minuses :

+ Easy to set up

+ Modular formulas according to needs

Price: Between $14.99 and $55.49 per year per user excluding options (options between $5 and $30 per option per year)

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Curiosity an alternative to Mindbreeze

Curiosity is a productivity application that allows you to search your computer, email and applications in one place. It allows you to focus and get more done.

Curiosity puts you back in control with a single search across all your work. Connect your local folders, email, Dropbox, Slack and all the other tools you use. With Curiosity, everything is just a quick search away.

The pluses and minuses :

+ Easy to set up

+ Ergonomic interface

- Fairly basic search in documents

Price: 0 € and 9,99 € / user / month

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Elastic Workplace Search

Elastic workspace search an alternative to Mindbreeze

Boost your team's productivity with intuitive, scalable, enterprise-wide search that makes it easy to find the information you need across all of your organisation's content sources (Salesforce, Google Workspace, Atlassian Product Suite, Slack, Microsoft SharePoint, Box, GitHub and more).

The pluses and minuses :

+ Team and personal use

+ Little readability on the real tariffs applied to the volume of data

- Complex to set up

Prices: $16, $19, $22, $30/month

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Squirro an alternative to Mindbreeze

Data is the world's most valuable resource, but 99% of all data collected is never used. This data is siloed in different internal and external systems, often in unstructured (textual) and fast-moving form. To unleash the power of your data, you need to activate your employees, especially business users. Squirro can do this with augmented intelligence applications.

The pluses and minuses :

+ Ergonomic interface

- Complex to set up

Price: from 40$ / per month / per user

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