5 alternatives to Windows Search (comparison of similar competitors)

September 2, 2022

Here is a selection of the 5 best alternatives similar to Windows Search. There are indeed tools like Windows Search. Windows Search is the native tool to find documents in your PC or file server. This type of search engine is essential for teams to be efficient in their file search, so it is very interesting to try to find a powerful alternative. To help you find one, here is a selection of 5 good software equivalent to Microsoft Word.

List of 5 alternatives to Windows Search


Outmind allows you to quickly find any document in all your tools, including your file servers, and in your computer. 

The search is not limited to the name of files and folders, it goes far beyond that.

The content of the documents is taken into account, and there is also the possibility to have an OCR treatment that allows to search in the scanned files that are not textual.

Thanks to its powerful artificial intelligence, you can easily find the right document wherever it is.

The bonus: on Outmind, you can also easily classify and organize your documents on top of all your applications. A good way to see more clearly in this mountain of information.

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Everything is a Windows desktop search application that allows you to locate files and folders in your computer system.

It does not search the contents of your stored files, but its accuracy and speed are quite good.

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Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack is a tool for efficiently finding files and information on your hard disk. When it searches the contents of files, Agent Ransack also displays the text found.

This tool also allows some features like regular expressions and wizards guiding the user through the search process.

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The Listary software allows you to search for your files in your Windows computer system. A small search dialog opens and you can search for the file you want. It brings several matches instantly. The program displays accurate results even if you type a part of the file. Listary is also available in a pro version with some additional features. Download it here.

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MasterSeeker scans everything on your hard drives, such as directories, system folders and hidden folders, and finds exactly what you are looking for. It gives you accurate results in real time. Like most other desktop search utilities, Mater Seeker also gives you detailed search results with the file name, size and full path.

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