Improve the success of your tender responses

Discover how to accelerate your sales lead times with Outmind: find the best models or examples of tenders issued immediately.

Outmind helps your teams to face this challenge.
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1 / Connect all your tools
Connect all your company's internal tools (your file-sharing tools, your document management tools, your e-mails, your ERP): don't waste time going through them one by one. Outmind connects to the main SAAS tools on the market as well as to shared files.
2 / Find relevant information
Outmind allows you to identify relevant information related to the call for tenders concerned (documents, discussions, relevant mails on a subject), and to find answers to similar calls for tenders in order to capitalise on this existing knowledge.
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3 / Identify experts
Outmind allows you to find people who may have worked on similar subjects (same types of missions, same customers...) based on their contributions from the different tools: analysis of the missions they have carried out in the ERP, of the files they have produced...
And much more...