Trello is your visual and intuitive project management tool, usable alone or in a team.

Search in Trello with Outmind

Trello is a great tool for organizing task lists. However, searching Trello has its shortcomings. In particular, our users have noticed that it is not possible to query the items present in the notes of a map, nor to browse the attachments attached to these same maps. To be able to make more advanced queries in Trello, we have developed a dedicated connector, allowing you to access the full power of the tool.

How does Trello work?

Trello is an application based on the kanban method and is used to manage tasks. It allows group work to be organized in a collaborative manner thanks to virtual dashboards made up of task lists in the form of columns.

It is perfect for project management because the different reports can be represented and shared with the different people that make up the project. It tries to improve the work routines of a team by generating priorities, deadlines, opinions and other options that are perfect for organizing a project in which several people collaborate.

What are the main features of Trello?

In addition to those already mentioned, there are several features that make this application very useful:

  • The online application can be modified and shared in real time by all project components, requiring no updates or backups.
  • The application is very simple and intuitive and does not require any training or learning from users. Moreover, this makes it very fast to load.
  • The notification system will let you know when changes are made to the dashboards you want. You can monitor any changes and deviations from the project. These notifications can also be received by e-mail.
  • Very interesting colour labelling function to visually highlight and organise tasks or mark certain highlights.
  • The search engine is very good and fast. So you can find the task you need when you need it.
  • You can publishprivate or public dashboards and share them with whoever you want, so this application has few limits.
  • Secure connection and data confidentiality thanks to encrypted backups similar to those used by banks.
Example of search results on Trello

Outmind offers the Trello user access to advanced features.

Unique Benefits :

  • Results are boosted by date (most recent results are listed first)
  • Using search operators
  • A search in a specific field (title, body text, ...)