Teams is the new revolution in teamwork, proposed by Microsoft.

Search in Teams with Outmind

It is now possible to search your entire Teams space thanks to our new dedicated connector. Outmind is certified "Partner Program" by Microsoft, which allows us to take into account all the latest evolutions of Teams.

How does Teams work?

Teams enhances collaboration between teams by bringing together internal conversations and file sharing (using Sharepoint). This way, you can create discussion groups, integrate your collaborators into them, and exchange messages and files easily.

Like its main competitor Slack, Teams is accessible via a web interface, a desktop application, and a mobile application. If you hesitate between Slack and Teams, we invite you to read our article on the subject.

The latest version of the Teams interface

Outmind connects directly to the API Teams to extract all available data and metadata. Data from Teams, including images and files are instantly processed, indexed and OCRed, making your complete Teams environment immediately searchable.

The main advantages of Outmind search for Teams :

  • Better performance, as the Teams search may display incomplete results because it does not perform a query in all fields.
  • You no longer have problems searching for a specific document or message in the various conversations and teams, which have multiplied over time.
  • You can find documents you were not sure existed directly in Teams: by interfacing your entire Office 365 ecosystem (which is possible with Outmind in one click), all your O365 data is indexed and at your fingertips. Outmind acts as a real knowledge management tool, plug and play, and very easy to use.
  • If you don't have access to a given document but it exists within your organization, Outmind will immediately redirect you to the right person(s) who worked on it .
  • If you have compliance related needs in Teams, you can do ediscovery via Outmind.