Slack aligns your teams for increased productivity.

Search in Slack with Outmind

By interfacing Outmind with Slack, you have instant access not only to conversations and messages, but also to files that may have been sent through the various Slack channels. No more problems if you're no longer sure whether you've sent a file by email or on Slack, or a report sent to a colleague in Slack that you're not sure whether a more up-to-date version is stored elsewhere....Outmind locates for you the best items for your search, wherever they may be.

You thus have access to a true plug and play knowledge management system, directly linked to your tools and not requiring any manual knowledge to be added in a dedicated tool.

Finally, Outmind can also allow you to perform ediscovery in Slack if you have compliance needs.

What's Slack?

Slack is, along with Microsoft Teams, one of the most popular instant messaging and internal collaboration applications. Slack is used by both small organizations and large corporations.

Conversations are classified by "Channels", usually created by subject. It is possible to limit access to each channel in a very simple way, by adding or removing people. A distinction is also made between private and public channels: private channels are not visible to the whole organization, you have to be added to them to see them.

Finally, Slack is accessible via the web interface, a desktop application, and a mobile application. If you hesitate between Slack and Teams, we invite you to read our article on the subject.

Setting up Slack

Slack is very quick to set up, taking only 7 minutes on average. Anyone can get started by creating a free account for their organization, and it is then possible to add new members.

Slack's interface is particularly simple and quick to use.

How do I synchronize Slack with Outmind?

When you add Slack by selecting it from the connector list on Outmind, you will be redirected to a page provided by Slack to authenticate yourself. You will then be prompted to select the conversations/channels you wish to sync (all or part of). You will then have immediate access to the first search results!

Please note that if your organization's Slack account is limited in the number of possible integrations, it may be necessary for an administrator to validate the synchronization a first time. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to contact us, our technical team is available for you!

Outmind offers the Slack user access to advanced features.

Unique Benefits :

  • Filter your documents by type ( ex: doc, ppt, pdf)
  • Using search operators
  • A search in a specific field (title, body text, ...)
  • Search in document content
  • Search for a contact person based on his or her contributions