This ERP software enables information to be centralised and linked between the different branches of a specific company.

Search SAP with Outmind

Now you can connect your SAP software to Outmind to quickly find the information you need from a wide range of documents.

How does SAP work?

SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that enables you to manage all the processes of a company. Suitable for both large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, SAP guarantees the protection of user data and offers intelligent technologies.

Expert in its field, the software allows you to improve your performance.

The main benefits of Outmind search for SAP :

  • You will no longer have problems finding a contract or a specific paragraph in it. 
  • Link SAP data with the tools you use on a daily basis, such as customer and employee data, on the same platform.
  • Get instant access to data without having multiple tabs open. Outmind offers you a simpler and more streamlined search.
  • The SAP tool offers multiple functionalities such as invoicing, customer follow-up and contracts. By connecting it to Outmind you will be able to access documents in record time, which will improve the performance of your business.