The CRM for the management of the company's relations and interactions with its customers or potential customers.

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How does Salesforce work?

Access to Salesforce is via the Internet, which gives its users more freedom and mobility. To use Salesforce, users simply go online and log in to their Salesforce account, there is no need to install a program or purchase special hardware.

It's more than just a CRM. Salesforce offers a wide range of services, and its CRM for sales is just one of seven product categories. Other products include solutions for marketing, cloud-based application development, community/partner management, and AI and analytics.

Salesforce's CRM is cloud-based. The main advantage of having everything in the cloud is the accessibility, mobility, and real-time analysis of your sales data.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud has advanced features to speed up your sales funnel. Some of these features include lead scoring (to link marketing campaigns to sales actions), opportunity management (to track and improve customer interactions), and Einstein AI (AI that enables your CRM to make smart decisions for sales reps).

Salesforce CRM can be enhanced with additional application integrations. Salesforce is known to be a flexible platform. In other words, it allows various integrations with other applications and systems to further improve the sales process. Popular examples of Salesforce extensions include computer telephony integration software (Tenfold), email automation applications (MailChimp), and document processing solutions such as DocuSign.

What are the main features of Salesforce?

  • Contact management
  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Creation of workflows
  • Task Management
  • Opportunity tracking
  • Collaboration tools
  • An intuitive, ready-to-use dashboard