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Search in Gmail with Outmind

Searching Gmail has never been easier: you can now find the right attachment, for example, directly by typing its name and format, without having to go through endless written conversations.

How does Gmail work?

Gmail is an email service, which, integrated with Google's other tools, becomes a very complete productivity system.

What are the main features of Gmail?

The Gmail email service offers :

  • You can organize your mail by using labels and filters.
  • Gmail allows you to centralize your mail by organizing different mail accounts
  • With priority mail, Gmail sorts and prioritizes your inbox based on the importance you place on these messages and your email history.
  • If you enter:unread in the search window, only unread emails will appear.
  • Integration allows you to create documents in Google Docs with any email. Attachments can also be converted into supported documents.
  • Find the right attachment, directly by typing its name and format.
The Gmail user interface

Outmind provides the Gmail user with access to advanced features.

Unique Benefits :

  • Filter your attachments by type ( ex: doc, ppt, pdf)
  • Using search operators
  • A search in a specific field of an attachment (title, body text, ...)
  • Search in the contents of an attachment
  • Search in the title of an attachment
  • Search in the Attachment Tree