Cloud file storage for collaboration, also suitable for personal use.

Search in Dropbox with Outmind

If you like Dropbox, you'll enjoy our native integration even more! With it, your files, emails, messages, and other scattered data are in the same place, and you can also do advanced searches, allowing you to find for example people who have already worked on a specific subject, even if you can't find any document on the subject in Box.

How does Dropbox work?

Dropbox is a place where all the contents of your computer come together. Where you can use the tools you love. It's a smart workspace.

Dropbox makes it easy for professionals to make changes to documents, spreadsheets, etc. or simply view them in read mode. The user who owns the account acts as the administrator, while others access shared folders by means of a revocable invitation or with an expiration date in time.

What are the main features of Dropbox?

Dropbox allows in particular :

  • File synchronization via the local network or selective synchronization
  • Offline access to files
  • Automatic photo and file upload to mobile devices
  • It is a collaborative work tool, it allows the creation of presentations and team management.
  • Find people who have already worked on a specific topic
Dropbox user interface

Outmind offers the Dropbox user access to advanced features.

Unique Benefits :

  • Search in the title of the document
  • Filter by author
  • Using search operators
  • Search in the author's name
  • A search in a specific field (title, body text, folder hierarchy ...)
  • Search for a contact person based on his or her contributions
  • Search in document content