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Search in Confluence with Outmind

By connecting Confluence to Outmind, you increase its capabilities tenfold: your knowledge stored in Confluence immediately becomes much more accessible and, above all, if the information you are looking for is not there, you will never find yourself helpless.

How does Confluence work?

Confluence is an extremely useful solution in collaborative environments. With this application, you can create meeting notes, project plans, include multimedia resources and dynamic content, make your presentations and projects unique, ask your team to leave comments on the pages, texts or files you share.

You can create a different space for each department or team to share information and organize work efficiently with a well-structured system.

Today, all types of functional departments, regardless of size, use Confluence, from technical teams and project management groups to marketing, human resources, legal and financial departments. Any team can work with Confluence.

What are the main features of Confluence?

Confluence is often used for the following applications:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Document management
  • Documentation requirements
  • Intranet
  • Quality Management System
  • Project Management
  • Collaborative platform
  • Task Management
  • e-Learning or Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Technical writing
  • Troubleshooting articles
  • CompanyWiki
The new Confluence interface