With Box, share your content via a secure and intuitive interface.

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Connect Box to your entire tool ecosystem thanks to Outmind: with the Box connector, you can find on a single interface the files stored in it, but also your emails, messages, and other data scattered in your tools.

How does Box work? 

Box is one of the tools that promote and enable the storage of information, reading, display, creation of files in the cloud without the need for plug-ins or external agents. It is an excellent solution for those who need to stay on the web and need to create or read these files.

What are the main features of Box?

Box allows in particular to :

  • Categorize : documents according to folders and establish access and authorizations for your employees.
  • Storage: a great storage option
  • Mobility: Box has client applications for the most popular mobile devices on the market, iphone, ipad and android, with which you can consult, share and send the documentation contained in Box.
  • Working together: Boxes allow you to include comments in documents, assign tasks to them and invite collaborators simply by sending a link to the document. With Box, your shared space becomes your workspace.
  • Simple administration: With the centralized box panel, administration is simple and intuitive. You can easily add, delete or modify user information , change or reset user permissions and passwords, set the security options that best suit your company's policies, and much more.
  • Integration with other tools on the market: Box currently has integrations with some of the most extensive cloud computing solutions on the market such as Google Apps, Saleforce or Netsuite .
  • Synchronize and work offline: Box has a PC agent that allows you to synchronize the content stored in Box as you wish, in the PC.

The Box user interface